Draft Full Paper Due:
June 1, 2019(Extended)

Notification of Draft Paper Acceptance:
July 1, 2019(Extended)

Author Registration Deadline:
July 15, 2019(Extended)

Final Manuscript Due:
July 15, 2019(Extended)

Regular Attendee Early Bird Registration Deadline:

July 15, 2019(Extended)


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Registration Fee

SDPC 2019 accepts registration fee in USD or RMB. Registration fee covers all conference sessions, conference document, meals and reception. Cost of accommodation is not covered by registration fee. You will need to book your accommodation separately by visiting the Hotel page.

The conference registration fee table:



July 15, 2019 (Presenting author has to register the conference by this deadline)

Presenting Author (Non-student)


Presenting Author (Non-student) - IEEE RS Member


Presenting Author (Student)


Presenting Author (Student) - IEEE RS Member


Early Bird Registration (Before July 15, 2019)

Regular Registration
(After July 15, 2019)

Non-Presenting Author/Attendee (Non-student)



Non-Presenting Author/Attendee (Non-student) - IEEE RS Member



Non-Presenting Author/Attendee (Student)



Non-Presenting Author/Attendee (Student) - IEEE RS Member



Exhibitor (including two registrations)



On-site Registration (Non-student) (Cash only)



On-site Registration (Student) (Cash only)



1. Each paper requires one presenting author registration and the presenting author registration must be completed by the author registration deadline (July 15, 2019). According to the requirements from IEEE, all papers should be presented at the conference before they can be considered for publication through IEEE Xplore®.
2. Participants without paper submissions are also welcome. Each conference attendee requires a registration.
3. Student attendee needs to show his/her photo ID when checking in the conference.
4. Registration fee is non-refundable.
5. IEEE Reliability Society (RS) members may enjoy a discount on their registrations, as indicated in the registration fee table.
6. If the length of paper exceeds 6 pages, the cost of each extra page is 45 USD or 300 RMB. The maximum length of the paper allowed is of 10 pages.
7. Considering the high cost of the hotel accommodation in Beijing, the SDPC 2019 conference will consider paying the conference hotel RMB100-200/night for up to three nights for each attendee who registered the conference and stayed in the conference hotel to bring the hotel cost down. More details will be announced later.

Payment Methods

To pay in US Dollars (USD): (Most preferred payment method)
SDPC 2019 International Conference registration fee can be paid in USD via Paypal. This payment method accepts credit cards. Please click the following link to make the payment and your payment should include both registration fee and extra page charge if your paper exceeds 6 pages (USD 45 per extra page up to 10 pages):

Note: Please send us your completed Registration Form via email (sdpc2019@sdpcconf.org) after you paid the registration fee. If the payer is not you (i.e., the registrant), you also need to send us the Paypal transaction record/receipt that can show to us that the transaction was made for you. The subject line of your email should be “SDPC2019 Registration” + “Registrant’s Name” + “Paper ID (if applicable)”. The Registration Form for payment in USD can be downloaded from the “Download” page on the left side of your screen.


To pay in Chinese Yuan (RMB):
SDPC 2019国际会议也接受国内银行转账汇款方式。国内转账账户信息如下:


备注:汇款单请附言备注“SDPC2019+论文编号+姓名”。银行汇款后,请参会人员务必将回单扫描或拍照后,与会议注册表一起发送到会议邮箱sdpc2019@sdpcconf.org。邮件标题格式: “SDPC2019注册+论文编号(if applicable)+参会人员姓名”,会议注册费电子发票将会在付款并提交注册表的两个周内发送到注册表里的电子邮件地址(请务必把注册表里的电子邮件填写正确),请注意查收(如果两周内还未收到电子发票,请查看您的垃圾信箱看是否在垃圾信箱里)。会议注册表(Registration Form for Payment in RMB)可以在屏幕左侧的Download 页下载。